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Upcoming Tribe Trips

Our Upcoming Trips page is the cornerstone of the Underwater Tribe website and the area where you will be able to find information on all of our upcoming adventures that you can join as a member of the Underwater Tribe!  Here on our blog we list our major upcoming group trips that are open to anyone and everyone to join and we hope that you take that opportunity!  Joining an Underwater Tribe group trip is always a fun and exciting adventure because we do it right.  With many years of experience living in Indonesia and the ability to speak the local language, traveling with us is the smart way to go!  Not only have we dived in most areas of Indonesia, we have done it hundreds of times and know the areas we travel to extremely well.  Therefore, when you join an Underwater Tribe diving adventure, you know you will be diving at the right place at the right time in order to maximize your enjoyment.  Its not just the diving portion of our trips either, traveling with the Tribe is a fun and exciting experience because we aren’t just your trip leaders, we are also your friends!  When you travel with us you truly our a member of the Underwater Tribe.

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