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Bali Adventures

As we are based in Bali, we enjoy nothing better than diving and exploring our backyard.  We have dived all of the top destinations on the island and of course have a few secret spots of our own.  Using experienced local guides, we know where and when to dive as well as find the most sought after photo subjects.   We maximize 4 guests per dive guide on our Bali safaris and we listen to what YOU want to see.  One of the most important aspects of diving with the Tribe in Bali is “avoiding the crowd!”   We certainly don’t want to drop you into Crystal Bay or Manta Point with 20-30 other boats!  Diving with a multitude of others is not an enjoyable experience for anyone involved.  We will always seek the best sites at the best times and try to “avoid the crowds” as much as possible in order to enjoy our dives to the fullest.

For our Bali Diving Safaris we have several different options to choose from in both budget minded and more high end accommodation.

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