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Mike Veitch

Mike Veitch

Mike Veitch is a Canadian national who has been living in the Indo-Pacific since the late 90s and no longer believes in snow or shoes and certainly not snowshoes.  Starting his diving life in the Republic of Palau in 1999, Mike has since worked in Fiji, Tahiti (Tuamotu), Yap, and Indonesia with many travels in between.  Mike is a well known underwater photographer who contributes to many international magazines with his photography and writing and he won the presigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year “World in Our Hands” category in 2013.  With a passion for teaching others the art of underwater photography, Mike leads all of the Underwater Tribes photographic trips and seminars and you will quite often find him underwater with a slate in hand adjusting someone else’s strobes!  You can find more information about Mike and his stock photography library at

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  1. Mitchell Berger permalink
    December 5, 2012 5:40 pm


    Peg and I have been looking for a reason to return to Bali, thanks for giving us all the justification we need! We won’t be able to make it until Christmas next year, but we’ll be counting the days.

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