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Bali Diving Safari: Underwater Photography Log

August 20, 2014
Pygmy Seahorse Denise

A Hippocampus Denise from Menjangan Island Bali

I had the pleasure to join one of our repeat guests on his diving photography trip around the best spots of Bali. We first met on one of our trips to Komodo National Park a couple of years ago. As it was his first time diving in Bali, we put together a package showing him the best dive sites to give him a good taste of what Bali diving has to offer.


The Itinerary:


We started the safari in the North-West of Bali with a couple of days diving the pretty reefs and walls of Menjangan island. During the transition day from Menjangan to Tulamben we stopped “midway” for a couple of nice macro dives in Purijati where we encountered the famous coconut octopus before arriving in Tulamben where we enjoyed a fantastic late afternoon dive.

Gianty Frogfish and Sardines

A Giant Frogfish seats on a coral block while thousands of Sardines pass by in the back ground. Padang Bai, Bali

Day 4 was full on macro photography: we started in Tulamben and ended it in Amed with some great dives in Seraya and Melasti. Before reaching our last destination in south Bali, we visited the Liberty Ship Wreck very early in the morning and followed that with two dives in Padang Bai.


To end a perfect diving safari, we headed to Nusa Lembongan to try to find the mighty Mola mola. Unfortunately, even if we were in the right season, we didn’t see any Molas but we did enjoy two fun dives with lots of fish at PET and the famous Blue corner.

Underwater Tribe’s dive guide Derek, found some amazing critters at all locations as well as organizing some great dives. The highlights of the week were the Lembeh sea dragons and the Denise pygmy seahorses that he found in the Menjangan area which are very difficult to spot!

Photography Log:



-Gorgonian seafans, coral gardens, sponges, schools of tropical fish, the Anchor Wreck, hard coral reefs, a giant green turtle, lots of black coral bushes, and plenty of anemones and clownfish.


Day 2 (MACRO)


-Denise pygmy seahorse, sea dragons, gobies, long-nose hawkfish, jaw-fish, nudibranchs, flatworms




-Coconut octopus, ghost pipefish, common seahorse, ambon scorpionfish, giant cuttlefish, nudibranchs, Liberty shipwreck


Day 4 (MACRO)


-Ornate ghost pipefish, shrimps, donut nudibranch and other Doto sp. nudibranchs, frogfish, emperor shrimp on a nudibranch, pygmy seahorse, leaf fish, garden eels, mimic octopus, juvenile yellow boxfish, soft coral crabs




– A school of bumphead parrotfish, the Liberty shipwreck, schooling baitfish, giant frogfish, giant cuttlefish, warty frogfish, seafans, several mantis shrimp




-Schooling butterfly fish, schools of banner fish, schools of fusiliers, schools of surgeonfish, schools of snappers, hard coral formations, giant moray eels

A Couple of Pygmy dragons from Menjangan, Bali

A Couple of Pygmy dragons from Menjangan, Bali

A Coconut Octopus from Purijati, Bali

A Coconut Octopus from Purijati, Bali

Bali Safari Photography Log (5 of 7)

A Group of Bumped Head Parrotfish from our early morning dive in Tulamben

Bali Safari Photography Log (2 of 7)

A juvenile tiny goby with pink eyes shelters in a giant clam

Liberty Ship Wreck Tulamben Bali

Beautiful Corals of the Liberty Ship wreck, Tulamben Bali

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