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Underwater Tribe/NAD Lembeh Photo Workshop 2014

May 10, 2014

Luca discussing plans on opening night

We have now finished the second full day of diving on the second annual Underwater Tribe/NAD Lembeh photography workshop and things are moving along at a nice quick pace! The critter list is growing rapidly and includes such Lembeh highlights as mimic octopus, wonderpus, hairy frogfish, flambouyant cuttlefish, ornate ghost pipefish, and even a large solar powered nudibranch today. Things kicked off on the evening of the 7th with a welcome introduction from Mike and Luca about how the week would proceed along with discussing the diving and presentation schedule. After dinner on the 7th Mike gave a short presentation about strobe positioning followed by a fantastic photo presentation of the “Critters of Lembeh” by Serge, the dive manager at NAD, who possibly has taken more photos in Lembeh than anyone, ever!


Departing on the dive

On the 8th we departed the resort at 730 on two boats, one led by Mike and the other by Luca, for 2 morning dives, with 6 guests per boats and 3 guides! That’s a ratio of 2 guests to every photographer, not too many places in the world where you get that sort of service. After a tasty lunch back at the resort we had a discussion about muck photography and blue and black macro backgrounds before heading out for our afternoon dive. The late afternoon consisted of individual critiquing sessions followed by a nice dinner before settling in for a discussion of “The Basics of Photography” by Mike before an early bedtime due to a long day of diving.


Luca and Ed and a great snoot!

The 9th of May was our first foray into pure “Muck Diving” with dives at Hairball, TK, Jahir, and Aw Shucks. Lunch was followed by “Introduction to Lightroom” by Luca before heading out for our third dive. A short sunset cruise was then followed by two boats heading out on a classic Lembeh night dive followed by dinner and a presentation by Mike “Shooting Wide in Lembeh” and Luca presenting a slideshow on Bunaken and Lembeh, “North Sulawesi – The Best of Both Worlds”


NAD head guide Paulus!

After two full days of diving with both Mike and Luca, everyone has really started to improve their photography with f-stops and strobe positioning becoming second nature to everyone.


Enjoying the Sunset

Enjoying the Sunset

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