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Coral Reefs of Komodo

June 21, 2013

Seeing as I have a trip to Komodo coming up in a few days, I was perusing my recent photographs of the area to see what subjects I have shot a lot of lately and what I have not paid much attention to.  What I seem to have a lot of photographs of are beautiful reef scenic photos, I must admit, these are always one of my favourite subjects to shoot.  One of the things I love about the Komodo region is the sheer amount of variety in the way of marine life, from tiny ladybugs to huge manta rays and everything in between.  In my opinion, Komodo offers the best variety of subjects to be found in Indonesia.   The sheer amount of healthy hard coral reefs in Komodo is incredible and each contains its own beauty.   A lot of people may find these boring photo subjects, but I could shoot them all day long.

Hard Corals KomodoMV2011-1812

For those interested in shooting this sort of photograph its actually pretty easy!  The key is to turn off the strobes, remain shallow, shoot with the sun behind you, and aim the camera parallel to the reef or just slightly down or up from parallel.  This should help to get natural light into the photograph, then its simply a case of doing a few touch ups with the RAW white balance tool to get the colours you envision on the final product.  Another tool that can be used to get better colour reproduction is using a filter such as the Magic Filter that can bring the colour balance away from overly green or blue tones.

Mike Veitch

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