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Underwater Tribe/NAD Lembeh Photo Workshop Day 4

April 18, 2013

LembehLandMV13-409 Day 4

Matt and Mike switched boats today in order to start diving with the other half of the group.  We all headed out to the north end of the bay and ended up having a pygmy seahorse extravaganza.  Matts group saw bargibanti, denise, and pontohi pygmies all on the same dive!  Mikes group had to make due with a very pregnant looking denise of the dark red variety.  During lunch we had a little celebration for two of the group, Lael who made her 100th dive and Peter who made it to 300, congrats to both of you!  After the cake it was time for Mike to discuss Composition techniques and present a slideshow of images discussing different ideas.  We had one heck of a rain shower just as we were jumping in for the third dive of the day which made things a little dark, but that’s ok, perfect opportunity to shoot macro black backgrounds!  Dinner was followed by a slideshow from Matt who presented some of his all time favourite images to the crowd, and it was one heck of a slideshow of beautiful images from all over the world.  Tomorrow will mark the last day of diving for the workshop but several lucky folks will continue on for a few more days of diving.  We are looking forward to a slideshow of images from everyone tomorrow night to showcase the variety of critters that everyone has captured on camera.

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