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Luca Vaime and Mike Veitch are proud to announce the launch of Indonesia’s newest diving and adventure travel brand, The Underwater Tribe!

With 30 years combined experience working and managing resorts and liveaboards throughout the world, we know what discerning clients are after.   We have pooled our resources and knowledge to create a product that we firmly believe in.  The Underwater Tribe is the umbrella name that encompasses our main products:  “Custom Diving and Adventure Travel in Bali and Beyond” and “The Bali School of Underwater Photography”.

Our Custom Diving and Adventure Travel is aimed at guests who are looking for a personal touch while visiting the “Island of the Gods” or anywhere else in Indonesia.  We are not a dive school catering to teaching classes and following the crowds (although we can and do teach Padi classes) rather we specialize in leading groups, couples, and individuals who are after attention to detail, top notch personal service, fantastic dive guides, and a relaxed, mature, and safe diving itinerary.  One of the keys that we have learned in our years in the diving industry is that folks don’t want to be rushed or hassled underwater and enjoy going along at their own pace.  This is something that we understand and actively promote!  With many years of experience in North Sulawesi/Lembeh, we are bringing the “Lembeh Style” dive to Bali, small groups, long dives, and top-notch guides. We don’t demand that divers finish a dive at 45 minutes or blindly follow a group.  We purposefully keep our groups small to ensure that everyone enjoys the dive!  Underwater photographers definitely appreciate our philosophy because our guides are underwater to help get the shot.  Unlike the typical dive centre, we plan all of our dives with you instead of for you!  Please talk to us about setting up a custom dive itinerary, we are sure we can make a Bali Adventure your best holiday yet!

As we have lived, dived, and worked in Indonesia for many years, we have thousands of dives throughout the region and a large network of operators we know on a personal level.  We use this experience and knowledge to create the perfect holiday for all of our “Tribe Members” by working with them to find the perfect boat or resort to fit their price range whether it be budget or five star.  Interested in booking a trip on a liveaboard to Raja Ampat or Komodo or anywhere in between?  We have years of experience in diving these waters and know the best time to go and the operators who we can depend on.    When booking resort or liveaboard holidays through the Underwater Tribe we work with our guests to choose the best destination at the right time of year in order to maximize diving experience and enjoyment.

This leads into the second aspect of the Underwater Tribe: our “School of Underwater Photography”.  A key audience of our Photography School are keen photographers who are coming to Indonesia to join a liveaboard trip but who are after a bit of fine-tuning photographically wise before the big trip.  Mike Veitch is one of the worlds top underwater photography teachers and he specializes in working with photographers who want undivided attention underwater. Not only do we help photographers get “the shot” but we also make sure they understand what it takes to get it right every time.  For people who only get the chance to do one or two big diving trips a year, there is uncertainty involved when putting a camera system together and remembering what settings work best.  Now, there is no need to waste precious time re-learning everything from scratch; a two or three day class with the “Bali School of Underwater Photography” will sharpen skills and raise the confidence of every photographer.  Bali offers a wide variety of top class wide angle and macro dive sites that are perfect for practicing photography and capturing world-class images.  We offer a variety of different curriculums that suit all levels of photographers from beginners to more advanced students who understand the basics but want to learn more tips and tricks of the trade.  We are available for 1 day classes all the way up to 7 days of training and diving.  Our itineraries are flexible and we will offer several location choices depending on the number of days.

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  1. July 25, 2013 4:05 am

    Lets diving in Bali; prepare the camera : )

  2. Don Turner permalink
    August 4, 2014 4:27 pm

    Mike & Luca,
    Just retuned to Canada last night.
    Wanted to thank you guys for setting up some fantastic diving for us.
    We saw some awesome strange little critters in Lembih
    Luca, you did a great job on introducing Michael to the underwater world.
    We took some pictures in Lembih, buy not good caliber.
    We will have to come back next year and take a photo course,
    All The Best!!
    Don & Michael Turner

    • August 4, 2014 10:20 pm

      Great to hear from you Don and Michael, glad the diving in North Sulawesi went well! Looking forward to seeing you again soon

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